Avoid Oily Fried Food
India is full of foodies and a large proportion of it likes to have oily fried food. Whenever we see someone eating or even talking about fried stuff, our mind starts revolving around its yummy, toothsome, and adorable taste. Just the thought of it makes our mouth water. Not even the children, but adults also have a likeness towards these oil- soaked foods.

This shiny food may look good and even tastes delicious, but one should be aware of the fact that excess oil intake will lead to various health problems. Excess of the greasy food adds undesirable calories as well as needless extra fats to your body.

Points Against Consuming Oil Fried Foods

So from now, before going to a famous restaurant which has a delightful long list of mouth- watering fried food, think a bit and take a look at the underwritten reasons.

Extra of Anything is Harmful- Same Goes with the Calories

Deep Fry Food is HarmfulCalories are one of the essential things to discuss in this case as it plays an important role in the functioning of our body. We don’t say that calories are harmful but extra calories definitely are. When we deep fry a food item in oil then it results in an increase in calorie density.

The reason behind this is that whenever any food stuff is dunked in oil then the stuff soaks the fats from oil and multiplies the calories. Deep frying using oil gives you just a delicious taste and nothing more than that.

The oil rips off all the natural minerals along with oxidants which are needed by our body. Oil intake in excess is one of the reasons for obesity which in itself welcomes a whole lot of diseases.

Nutrient Assassin- This is what Fried Food Actually is

If you are thinking that the fried food, which you eat, have some nutrients in it then you are wrong. Many people believe that vegetables such as mushroom and cauliflower, if deep fried and eaten, provide a lot of nutrients to our body. But this is nothing more than a myth. The reality is that the fried food adds nothing but bad fats along with empty calories to our body. The process of frying depletes all the good nutrients as well as essential vitamins and minerals, and we end- up having just a wasted stuff with empty calories.

Higher the Chances of High Cholesterol and Heart Diseases

Cholastrol and Heart Diseases Health ProblemsAlthough fried food is tempting and yummy; but we should know that this luscious food is actually taking you towards harmful heart diseases. Diet having a high proportion of fried things tends to have a high quantity of saturated fat which increases our body’s total cholesterol along with LDL cholesterol.

You must have noticed that when you deep fry a food item, say meat, a lot of bubbles comes out of it. Have you ever wondered why? This is because of the water present in the meat. This water keeps the meat nice and moist. When you fry it then this water fights with the hot oil around it preventing the oil from soaking in. This process results in bubble formation.

As soon as the water content evaporates, the meat is left full of oil and nothing else. Meat already has a lot of saturated fat in it and by frying it, we add a lot more. When we eat this kind of stuff then we put ourselves at a greater risk of high cholesterol and heart diseases.

Consuming Oil Fried Stuff is not Good for Kidney Patients

As we all know that kidney is that organ of our body whose main function is to filter body liquids. But in the case of patients who have a problem in relation to the kidney, it becomes a problematic task for their kidney to filter harmful fats.

The fried food contains, as we discussed above, a lot of unneeded harmful fats and due to kidney malfunctioning, a person is unable to filter undesirable fat from fried stuff. This leads to a greater death risk for kidney patients. So, it is suggested to go for healthier choices, than the deep fried food, to live a long, healthy, and prosperous life.

Beware of Cancer Risk

Beware of Cancer RiskWhen we fry our food, it turns brown in colour. Have you ever thought why this happens? This is because when we deep fry our food, minerals which are related to carbon gets burnt and the food loses essential vitamins as well as minerals leaving it brown in colour which is not considered a good indication of our body.

One must know that a carcinogen like acrylamide is produced when we fry a food item at a high temperature. This acrylamide is rich in carbohydrates content. The reason behind telling you this is that the carcinogen is associated with cancer. The over consumption of fried food may direct your body to cancer like the prostate cancer which is commonly found in men. Minor changes in the cellular level can also prone you to cancer.

So many studies shows the continuous consumption of deep fried products is considered one of the major reasons behind breast, head, neck, and pancreatic cancer.

The Role of Air Fryer

We have learned a lot about the harmful effects of the fried product, but we can’t simply quit eating these kinds of stuff. We all love fried food items and there is an idea through which we can continue eating these items without much problem.

So, here is the little secret for you: The Air Fryer. A best air fryer is a better alternative than going for the option of deep frying. Here is how it is better.

What Makes Air Fryer Better than Traditional Deep Frying?

Air frying is a revolutionary product which can fry the food item without dunking it in the oil full of fats. This is an appliance which uses hot air to fry the item and uses almost no oil.

The Rapid Air Technology makes it possible for the Air Fryer to work so efficiently. Whether you want to make chips or fries, chicken or donuts, everything can be easily cooked in it using the super heated air circulation. This circulation of hot air of about 200 degree Celsius cooks the food very efficiently and gives it a brown as well as a crispy surface.

The Air Fryer is capable enough to cook the food with 80 percent less fat when compared to the traditional deep frying technique.

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In a study which was published in International Food Research Journal, the researchers compared the Air fryer and the traditional process of deep frying. It was found out that the air fryer is competent enough to reduce the oil uptake. Other than this, peroxide values, free fatty acids along with physio-chemical changes were also compared. The researcher finally gave their verdict in favour of Air frying and considered it a healthy technique than deep frying.

My Final Thought..

So, now you can jump up in joy as you have got a proper solution to your problem. You don’t have to give- up your favourite food as the Air Fryer is there to help you out. You can now enjoy your yummy fried food without any fear of health problems.

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