Want to bake a delicious cake but don’t have a microwave oven? Now, you don’t have to worry a bit about it. You can use your Air Fryer to bake a great cake.
Cake baking with air fryer

Surprising, right? That a device which is primarily made for oil-free deep frying can help in baking a cake. But it’s true, it is not essential to have an oven for baking a cake. There are other counter top devices like air fryer that can help you out.

The Thing Which Makes it Possible

You obviously can’t imagine of baking a cake in an air fryer as baking and frying are two distinct things. But actually both the things are possible with an air fryer because of its airflow which is powerfully forced. Not only this, it also offers a proper control of temperature.

If we look at it, it is difficult to believe that it can evenly distribute the heat over the cake because the fryer doesn’t have sufficient space and can’t even hold a mould for baking. But this thinking proves to be wrongs as air fryer offers a perfect, as well as, evenly baked cake which is much moister and lighter when compared to the oven cooked cake.

An additional benefit of using air fryer is that it takes just 5 minutes for preheating and consumes only a chunk of power than a conventional electric oven. This will result in less power consumption while baking making and makes it an economical process.

How to Bake a Cake with an Air Fryer Video

In the following video the VahChef shows you how to make a delicious, yummy and mouth-watering soft Fruit cake dunked with luscious candied fruits/ dried fruits, nuts and spices that delights your palate with an amalgamation of its explicit ginger, cinnamon and vanilla flavours using his Philips Air Fryer


Essentials for Preparation

There is not much difference between baking a cake and frying it. The technique is almost similar in both these cases. There is nothing much to tell in it. We just want the regular things that we use in the regular baking method. Let’s just discuss them quickly:

Batter of the Cake:

Almost all types of cakes can be prepared using an air fryer including the sponge cakes of different flavors, special fruity cakes, plum cakes etc. Using the hot air technology, as said above also, it can bake the cakes with full perfection. Whichever type of cake you want to make, just prepare the batter and use a blender to smoother its consistency.

It is advised to use an electric hand mixer than a manual one as the manual mixer takes more time and doesn’t give a result that we actually wish. The electric hand mixer provides the desired smoothness as well as the consistency of the batter.

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We need a mould that can fit the air fryer.

Wax Paper:

The wax paper is an important thing. If you place it in the mould before pouring the batter, then after cooking you can easily take out the cake from the mould. Not only this, wax paper avoids the batter to stick on the sides of the mould resulting in a perfectly shaped cake.

Regular Vegetable Oil:

The oil is an alternative to wax paper as the paper may burn. On placing the paper at the bottom of the mould, sometimes it can happen that due to excess heat the paper may burn and ruin your cake.

One can use the regular vegetable oil to grease the mould properly. This will prevent the batter from sticking and also gives it a crispy and crunchy appearance.

To increase the fragrance of the cake, you can use some aromatic oil instead of vegetable oil. This will add up to another star to the cake’s profile.

A Spatula for Frosting Purpose:

Another essential thing for making a nice cake is Spatula. The basic purpose of using spatula is that it can help us to in mixing as well as spreading the batter properly. Mixing the batter with a proper spatula instead of a normal spoon will give you a fluffier and creamy cake.

The reason behind it is that the spatula traps more air in the batter than the normal spoon. Additionally, it is also helpful in frosting the cake along with spreading the mixture smoothly.

The Baking Task

Banking a Cake like a ChefNow that your preparation process is completed, it’s time to shift to the next level and start baking the cake in air fryer. Just follow these simple tips and you will have your perfectly baked cake:

Firstly, you have to preheat the air fryer before placing the mould at it.180 degrees Celsius will be good enough to bake the cake. So, set the temperature and leave the cake on the fryer for almost 15 minutes. The time period may vary in accordance with the quantity of the cake.

For checking that the cake is fully baked or not, just poke the baked surface of the cake with a knife or a satay stick. If the cake is baked fully then the stick will come out clean.

While baking, take care of the texture too. If you think that the texture is not that good or the cake is not fully baked, then put the mould in a pan and deep fry it for some extra minutes. Desired results can be obtained through this.

After doing all this, if you fail to bake the cake then there is some problem with the recipe of the batter. Simply check the recipe and try it again.

The Concluding Words

Baking a cake in an air fryer is not a difficult task as it looks. You just have to follow above steps and you are good to go. Now you don’t have to worry if your kitchen size doesn’t accommodate an oven, you have your air fryer that can help you out with baking the cake.

At the initial stage, you may face some problems, but with time you will be able to handle the fryer properly. It’s not a rocket science to use it. In a way, it is much simpler than using an oven.

Now you have a nice alternative of baking a delicious, fluffy and spongy cake using a simple air fryer. So, hurry and try it now!!

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