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The pigeon is the flagship brand under the control of the Stovekraft Private Limited which is the largest privately held Kitchen appliance company in India. Pigeon introduced air fryers in Indian market with a mission “ To deliver innovative, user-friendly and superior quality air fryer models at the best value to the customers”. The Pigeon Air Fryers are one of the best economic air fryers available in the market today.

Most people make their bedrooms, living rooms and backyards the best places within their home to spend some time. But the Pigeon air fryer will make you want to spend more time in the kitchen more than you do in your living room 🙂 🙂 . With an air fryer on the kitchen, I believe there is nothing that can stop you from making that perfect delicacy for your family, without putting them at risk of getting oil and fat related diseases.

What are the Best Pigeon Air Fryer Models in the Market?

The pigeon is a company that always makes sophisticated and user-friendly kitchen appliances for their consumers’ preference. For those of you planning to attempt your first air fried food this year, here are two best Pigeon air fryer models available for you. The Pigeon Air Fryer models are your dream come true kind of air fryers, in relation to its elegant layout and its virtuous performance.

Pigeon 12044 Super Air Fryer 3.2 Litre

Pigeon Super Air Fryer 3.2 Litre in India

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The Pigeon Super Air Fryer 12044 is the top selling air fryer model from that Company. It has 3.2 litres of the large food basket which is enough to make food for a family consist of 5-6 members. This product comes with 2 years of warranty which gives you two years of peace of mind.

At 1500 watts of operation, this Pigeon Air fryer is economically friendly with little or no inflation of electricity bills. The automatic shut-off function of this Pigeon 12044 Super Air Fryerallow you do other things while waiting for your food to cook. This function is very cool, so that you can save a lot of time and can concentrate on other tasks. This machine can be used for frying, baking, grilling and roasting various food items.

Pigeon 12467 Super Air Fryer 2.6 Litre

Pigeon Super Air Fryer 2.6 Litre in India

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If your family consists of only 3-4 people, then you can consider Pigeon 12467 Super Air Fryer. The food basket has 2.6 litre capacity, which can make enough food for your entire family. This air fryer comes with a 2 years of manufacture warranty, that ensures hassle free sales support from Pigeon in the warranty period.

When your food is prepared, the air fryer shuts down automatically. Thanks to this auto-switch off function that helps you save energy. You can bake, roast, grill or fry your favourite food items with just a little bit of oil or no oil using this small kitchen gadget.

Pigeon Air Fryer Cooking Videos

Instead of deep frying with oil, Pigeon Air Fryer utilises hot air that cooks tasty food with little or no oil. The food cooked in Pigeon Air Fryer is soft from inside, crisper outside, and tastes the same as oil fried. You can roast, fry, grill and even bake with air fryers. Isn’t it a magic device!

The following Pigeon air fryer videos tell you various food items that you can prepare using this little kitchen gadget.

Jerk Masala Alu Wedges

Here the Chef Shazia Khan makes every bodies favourite snake, yes french fries into a super yummy healthy snake. She demonstrate you how to make Jerk Masala Alu Wedges using Pigeon Air Fryer.

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Gajari Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are favourite Chinese snake with many of us. You have eaten spring rolls many times. But Chef Shazia Khan makes a twist in spring rolls, yes Gajari Spring Rolls. She makes it in desert form (with a little bit sweet) using Pigeon air fryer.

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What About Pigeon Air Fryer Reviews?

pigeon air fryer reviewsThere are lots of good comments from the public regarding this product. The majority who has purchased the pigeon air fryers are very happy about this product, painting the purchase sites with a lot of positive comments. Some of the consumers have reviewed the product after three to five months of compelling service claiming that the product is good and performs flawlessly.

As a consumer and a big fan of Pigeon company, I think their products are revolutionary in every aspect. Considering the fact that the prices of their products are within budget and the services offered are remarkable, so many Pigeon appliances holds the best position in my kitchen. Here is my Pigeon air fryer review.

Your Health Partner

With Pigeon air fryer, you get your favourite fried food with 90% less fat and oil. In this modern age, it’s essential to have control on your food nourishment since you can’t control nature of air you inhale. With Pigeon air fryer, the outside portion of the fried food is dry and fresh and inside smoking hot however juicy, just the way you might want your food to be!

Ease Of Operation

The Pigeon Air fryers are very easy to handle, use and operate. With the clearly stipulated manual, one can easily operate the device. The smooth buttons and turning knobs also make it very easy to adjust temperatures, turn on and off as desired. The smooth and firm handle that comes amended on the basket also makes it easy to handle the hot basket with no risk of getting burned.

Elegant Design And Structure

The Pigeon Air fryers are made of a durable aluminium material, assuring of a long life service of providence. The elegant design and colour also make it attractive unique and portable. It’s not a wonder to find most of the members of your family clinging to it all the time even when unnecessary.

Better Food Capacity

Ease of operation Food capacity The Pigeon Air fryers come with a cooking basket ranging from 2.6 to 3.6 litres capacity, which is appropriate for a family of 4-6 members. With the available capacity, you are sure not to keep your guests waiting for the next dish to get ready because one is enough.

Very Safe To Use

The patented air system of the best Pigeon air fryers comes in handy in making the devices safe for everyone’s use. The timer, on the other hand, helps you keep track of the time the food should be cooked. The timer of Pigeon air fryers is usually set to automatically switch off the device once the time elapses. With the automated system, you are free to do complete other chores with the assurance that your food won’t burn.

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What are the Main Features of Pigeon Air Fryers?

Consider cooking the fish or chicken without really dipping it in fat soaked oil, which makes up around 90% of the fat content of your dish. You keep your arteries clean and your heart, and digestion system dynamic with the Pigeon Air fryer. The following are the key features of Pigeon air fryers.

  • Food Basket:- The Pigeon has 2 Air Fryer models with 3.2 and 2.6 Litres of Food Basket. The larger storage limit of 3.2 litres helps you fry large segments of food without any hiccup. The size of an air fryer is definitely one factor which distinguishes Pigeon Air fryers from some competitors.
  • Timer:– Every Pigeon air fryers have a timer to set the right cooking time. It has an auto shutdown option, that ensures that you don’t need to stand always next to the air fryer while frying any food.
  • Temperature:-The temperature setting which ranges from 80°C to 200°C, empowers you to set the perfect temperature required for various food items.
  • LED Markers:- Two LED markers are provided to demonstrate power and heating status.
  • Power Cord:- The Pigeon air fryer comes with a 1 meter length power cord so that you can keep the air fryer at any location in your kitchen convenient.

Pigeon Air Fryer Vs Philips Air Fryer

Both Pigeon and Philips produce almost similar products considering their economic and safety focus when it comes to the cooking of food.
Pigeon Air Fryer Vs Philips Air Fryer

The air fryers of both companies have an added advantage over each other though depending on the customer’s priorities and preference.

  1. The first noticeable difference is the price. The Philips air fryers are very costlier than Pigeon air fryers. If you are tight in budget, then Pigeon air fryers are best for you.
  2. Utilising up to 1425 Watts of power, the Philips fryer is able to cook very fast and probably save on more time compared to the pigeon fryer. The Pigeon fryer, on the other hand, can utilise up to 1350 Watts of power hence, performing much slower than Philips but saving more on power. So it’s upon you to choose between time and economy.
  3. The Warranty of both air fryer are 2 Years.

The following table shows you a quick comparison in between Pigeon Super Air Fryer 3.2 L and Philips Viva HD9220 Air Fryer

CAPACITY 3.2 Litre 2.2 Litre
COLOUR Black Black, White
CORD LENGTH 1 Meter 0.8 Meter
WEIGHT 6 Kg 7 Kg
WARRANTY 2 Years 2 Years

What are the Advantages (Pros) of Pigeon Air Fryer?

  • To begin with, the pigeon air fryers are pocket-friendly in comparison to many other fryers out there.
  • The Pigeon air fryers also save much more when it comes to electricity bills considering their low consumption of electricity.
  • With the oil free cooking technology of Pigeon air fryer, you’re not only able to save money, but you’re also able to eat healthily and spend less.
  • The large food basket of Pigeon air fryer allows you to cook enough food for everyone saving on energy and time.
  • Finally, the technology comes in a compact smooth package that makes it attractive and handy to move wherever you want.

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What are the Disadvantages (Cons) of Pigeon Air Fryer?

Despite all the positive comments, the Pigeon Air fryer has received some negative reviews depending on the customer’s expectations.

  • The speedy cooking might be a problem compared to competing fryers like the Philips.
  • Most of the air fryer brands give their RECIPE BOOKLET free along with their air fryer. But Pigeon doesn’t provide with any RECIPE BOOKLET along with their Air Fryers. But you can watch so many videos and download so many free air fried recipe books online.

Final Stand and Insight..

An Air Fryer is really an aid to any health conscious individual. The Pigeon Air fryers are credible devices, with all the features to make your kitchen a comfort zone.

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So would highly recommend this kitchen appliance to anyone looking for a perfect design and art with an added advantage of a cheap way to cook your foods and yes, free of lifestyle diseases.

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