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Philips as a brand has a global reputation for its product range which covers kitchen equipments, medical equipments, consumer care and lightnings. Within the last century, they successfully create amazing ground breaking appliances.Philips air fryers are a part of their new innovation using their rapid air technology.

The Philip Air fryers may be referred to as the cooking expert. They help you cook all your delicious delicacies at home like a professional chef while all you have to do is supervise. More so, those on a diet as well as those who just love eating healthy food often recommend Phillips Air fryers. With Philips Air fryers, you can roast or grill meals as well.

What are the Best Philips Air Fryer Models in Indian Market?

Fried foods like chicken wings, samosas, French fries etc are loved by everyone. Some people only manage to avoid them because of the health implication of its fat content. Phillips has successfully designed air fryers in different models to give you the satisfactory taste of your favourite food, cooked without oil.

Looking to Pick Up a Best Philips Airfryer in India?

Have you decided to get a Phillips Air fryer for yourself but are still confused on the exact model to go for? Here are your options:

There are 2 Philips air fryers in India.

  1. The Philips Viva Collection HD9220, which is the basic model which is small in size and has simple rotary controls.
  2. The Philips Viva Collection HD9238; which is the same size as the HD9220 but has an attractive digital control panel.

Both models are designed such that they can accommodate multiple foods at the same time. The models cover the features that are obtainable with any other major air fryer brand available in the market today.

Philips Viva Collection HD9220 – The Analogue Model

Best Philips Air Cooker in India

The Philips HD9220 has a pretty sleek analogue model with the multi cooker function. It has a capacity of 2.2 litres which is pretty decent. More importantly, it can roast, grill, bake or fry food with 80% reduced fat. This appliance makes use of the patented rapid air technology capable of reaching up to 200°C when in use.

Philips designed a nonstick coated drawer and a food basket which can be removed easily and washed – even with dishwashers. They also added a cookbook filled with recipes specifically designed for the Viva Collection air fryers.

Philips Viva Collection HD9238 – The Digital Model

Best Philips Digital Air Fryer in India

This is an air fryer that is a little more sophisticated than the previous analogue Philips HD9220. The differences between both isn’t that much, however, this comes with more control features and a higher price.

The control panel is digital, and this gives it a certain modern day appeal unlike the analogue model. The capacity is also the same so to most people, the Philips HD9238 is just a more recent version of the Philips HD9220.

What are the Difference in between Philips Analogue Airfryer Model and Digital Model?

The analogue and the digital version of the Phillips hot air fryer, do pretty much the same thing, only that the digital version does it with a little more flair.


One main difference between both are all in the appearance. The handle colour and design of the analogue are quite different, although they both are insulated and easy to carry.

Handle Colour:

Another visible difference is in the handle where the digital model has a silver handle which is a better fit for stainless or black coloured themes which are quite popular in the modern day kitchen.

Maximum Cooking Time:

The analogues as well as the digital models both have the timer feature and the auto-off feature as well. The difference is that you can only get a maximum of 30 minutes cooking-time with the analogue while the digital can offer you up to 60 minutes.

What About Philips Air Fryer Reviews?

The customer reviews of Phillips air fryers are 95% positive. Customers are extremely satisfied with the product looks and functionality. As with everything on earth, not everyone is satisfied with this product, so there are some negative reviews as well. However, below are some of my Philips air fryer reviews concerning the product.

Patented Rapid Air Technology

Philips Patented Rapid Air TechnologyWith the Philips unique Rapid Air Technology, you can fry food with air, thus giving you the crisp outer feel yet the food remains tender on the inside. The best part is, you need very little or no oil at all to achieve this. The texture feel and taste will remain the same as food fried with the regular pan and oil, but you actually don’t need oil for this; it mostly uses air.

An optimal temperature balance is achieved thanks to its fast and precise circulation of hot air, thus enabling you grill, bake, roast or fry any food of your choice in a much safer manner than the regular pan fryer.

Fry, Bake, Grill and Roast Your Favourite Foods at Home

This innovative piece of technology not only allows you to fry food, you can roast, grill and even bake food, so we can say it pretty much serves all kitchen cooking needs. The fact that it makes use of air and in some cases, very little oil, we are sure it’s a lot safer than the regular fryer.

It is also a lot faster and since the temperature can be controlled and the heat coming at the food from all angles, the result will be better.

Adjustable Time and Temperature Control for Better Cooking

Both models have integrated in them, a timer which allows cooking for up to 30 minutes in the analogue model and up to 60 minutes in the digital model. They both have a “ready” sound indicator and auto-off feature which allows the device to off itself whenever the set time reaches even if you are not there to off it yourself.

You can preset the cooking temperature for your food up to 200 degrees with its adjustable temperature control feature. This enables you to cook and enjoy your chicken, snacks, meat, fries etc.

Built for Your Kitchen

Philips Hot Air Cooker for Fry, Roast, Bake and GrillThe Philips Air Fryer is designed such that it doesn’t take up much of your space and can aesthetically fit any modern kitchen. Every model of the Phillips hot air fryer is designed to help you prepare food without oil, thus keeping food as healthy as possible.

There are so many air fryers available in the market today but the Phillips air fryer model is highly durable, especially when compared to the other brand of air fryers available today.

With Phillips air fryer, you are guaranteed an 80% reduction in fat content at the very least. This means you can bake, grill, roast or fry any food of your choice without having to worry about fats. All it will take from you is a tablespoon full of oil or even less than that and you will get the baked or fried food you want.

What are the Advantages (Pros) of Philips Low Fat Air Fryer?

The following is the advantages of Philips low fat air fryers.

  • Very Easy to Clean:- The Phillips air fryer has a nonstick drawer and an easily detachable basket which makes cleaning it very easy and fast.
  • Very Easy to Cook:- The operation of this appliance is a very simple. You do not need special technical knowledge; neither do you need to be good with gadgets. The controls are simple and straightforward. You just have to put the food in the right basket, you ingredients in the right basket, press the right buttons and the air fryer takes over from there. When properly set, feel free to go away. The air fryer has an automatic off feature which triggers the off button immediately the set time elapses.
  • Ideal for Family Gatherings and Parties:- This appliance can be very useful during parties and family get together. It also means healthier meals for every member of your guest list and even more fascinating is the fact that you can cook your meat directly from the freezer without defrosting it.
  • Easy to maintain and cleaning:-For most people, cleaning up is twice as difficult for them than actual cooking. With the Phillips air fryer, you do not have to worry about this. The parts are coated with non stick which means there will be no need for the tedious scraping of the pot after cooking. The whole process of cleaning is extremely easy.
  • Sound indicator:- The heating coil is automatically turned off in the Phillips air fryer when the auto off is triggered. This is to ensure that your food doesn’t over cook; plus, there is a sound notification, which alerts you that the auto off feature has been triggered and the time you set has elapsed. The sound calls you so you can know when food is ready so you can serve it hot.
  • Included Recipe Book:- Philips air fryer also makes available to its users, a cookbook which contains a variety of low fat fried dishes which can be prepared with each model. The recipe book also has a variety of dishes that can be cooked with the different modes allowed by the appliance such as baking, roasting and grilling. The recipe book also teaches how to prepare delicious dishes with the least possible fat.
  • 2 Year Warranty:- Philips air fryers basically have 2 year warranty on them; however, some other brands have 1 year warranty. The extra one year, which Phillips offers implies an extra 1 year of peace of mind.

What are the Disadvantages of Philips Air Fryer?

Just like everything else that has advantages, Phillips air fryer also has its shortcomings. Here are some of the disadvantages of the Phillips air fryer.

  • High Price:- When compared to other brands available in the Indian market, the Phillips air fryer is relatively more expensive than most other brands. So if you have a small budget, you might have to settle for other brands and if you search well, you may get one that has the exact same functionality as Phillips.However, if performance is of utmost importance to you, then you might have to inconvenience yourself in some other regards to ensure you get the Phillips air fryer because they are the top global brand when it comes to air fryers.
  • Not Suitable to Make Large Batches of Food:- The Phillips air fryer is not so big so if you have a large gathering, maybe a wedding or a birthday party, you may have to do the normal frying because the Phillips air fryer can only take so much. It is designed more for a family use, where only a handful of people will eat what is prepared.
  • Accessories are Not Free:- Another disadvantage observed is that the Phillips brand of air fryers does not come with a double layer grill and baking tray so if you need them, you will have to order them separately.

My Final Thought.

The analogue or the digital model of the Phillips air fryer is a good addition to your kitchen. Whichever one you decide to go for, you will be happy. The consumer rate for the analogue model is high; probably because of the significant difference between the analogue and the digital model’s price.

However, both can help you achieve same result, both easily used an cleaned and most importantly, the health benefits of air fryers are preserved in both and finally the company have a straightforward vision – “At Philips, we strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation”.

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