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‘Bajaj’ is a famous brand founded by Jamnalal Bajaj which is well known even the small children of India. The name Bajaj is very famous with years of experience and they are very much known to offer quality and efficient products. The Bajaj Air Fryers are their another gift to Indian market.

The most important thing is that, the Bajaj Air Fryer is packed with fully loaded instruction manual and recipe booklet and a two-year warranty agreement to cater for any issues that may be realised.

What are the Best Bajaj Air Fryer Models in Indian Market?

At present Bajaj has only one Air Fryer model in Indian market. Their Bajaj Majesty AFX7 air fryer is designed to meet customers desires and expectations. This air fryer is a combination of both art and technology meant to meet all kinds of users’ expectations.

Bajaj Majesty AFX7 Air Fryer 2.0 Litre

Best Bajaj Air Cooker in India

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Bajaj Majesty AFX7 is a revolutionary Kitchen equipment with 2 litre capacity. It has manually operating control switches and 1230 Watts of power with a dual fan technology that provides maximum heat circulation.

Bajaj air fryer is budget friendly in relation to other air fryers out there. This kitchen equipment come with an adjustable temperature control that has an embedded timer that runs from 0 to 60. Worries of accidents that are associated with hot air fryers are unheard of with this device due to the firm lock system and the fascinating cover system that prevents the baskets from dropping.

Bajaj Air Fryer Cooking Videos

In the following video, you will see how to make delicious Hara Bhara Kebabs using the Bajaj AFX7 Air Fryer

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What About Bajaj Air Fryer Reviews?

Bajaj Majesty AFX7, the only one air fryer model from Bajaj is a combination of art and technology meant to meet all kinds of users’ expectations. So most customers who buy this product leave a positive review and rate it as high as the five star. Like every air fryer model in the market, the Bajaj air fryer had also received some negative insights here and there, but the positive comments have always outweighed the negative comments.

The following is my Bajaj Air Fryer Reviews.

Elegant Design and Feel

The elegant design and feel of Bajaj Air Fryers’s smooth finishing make it some of the most interesting device to operate and use. It is also cost effective taking into consideration of what they have to offer in relation to their affordable prices.

Ease of Operation

With the technology used to make Bajaj hot air fryer being consumer friendly, it considered easy to operate even for newbies. The fully loaded manual also provide all the relevant information required for it’s operation and maintenance. This Air Fryer can be handled with two switches that are easily accessible and smooth to the touch, making it easy and fun for everyone.

Ideal for Small Family

The Bajaj air fryers can make enough food for a small family. With the 2 Litre capacity of food being cooked at a go, you’re able to cook food enough to feed your family of 4-5 members.

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What are the Specifications of the Bajaj Air Fryer?

The following are the most important specification of Bajaj Air Fryers

  • Bajaj Air Fryer Timer and Temperature KnobsTemperature Control System: Are you tired of regulating your devices to ensure food is within the recommended recipe temperature? Then the Bajaj Air Fryers are the ultimate solution you have been searching all along. With an embed thermostat technology system, you can adjust your temperatures to your preference from 20ºC to 200ºC with only a tilt of a knob embed to regulate the temperatures.
  • Timer: The timer is another important functionality of an air fryer that comes in handy when one needs to fry food for a specified amount of time. It is common for many people to estimate time or use alarm clocks for the same but why go through all that trouble while Bajaj fryer have it all automated. The Bajaj fryer is constructed with a 60 Minutes clock that aids in keeping track of time the food is supposed to be cooking and switches the energy supply off once the set time elapses.
  • Safe and Easy Handling: The Bajaj Airfryer comes with a safety cover that give a steady balance when holding and preventing them from falling when handling. An integrated lock is also included to ensure that the cover is firmly locked. A safety micro-switch has also been included to ensure that the device automatically switch off every time the basket is removed.
  • Bajaj Hot Air Cooker BasketPartitioning of the Fry Basket: The Bajaj air cooker had an added advantage over many other fryers out there by providing partitioned baskets. The baskets unleash the possibility of cooking more than one dish at a go which not only saves time but also energy.
  • The Delightful Dual Fan: The dual fan of Bajaj Air Fryer ensures efficiency in heat circulation when cooking food. The dual fan ensures that heat is evenly distributed allowing the food to cook in an evenly manner saving on the amount of energy used.
  • Flow Director Technology: The Bajaj Air Fryer has a flow direction technology of its own that gives you the opportunity to cook your food free of cooking oils.

Bajaj Air Fryer Vs Philips Airfryer

The Bajaj and the Philips fryers are closely identical especially when you compare the services they are intended to offer.

The Bajaj fryers, however, takes all the glory when it comes to power saving, using only 1230W while the Philips uses up to 1425w. The Philips can be considered faster when cooking considering the amount of energy being used however one is required to spend more in terms of energy.

I will be comparing Philips viva collection HD 9220 Air fryer and Bajaj Majesty AFX7 as both are among best selling air fryer models in India.

Bajaj hot air fryer philips hot air fryer
MODE OF OPERATION Manual Knobs Manual Knobs
FOOD BASKET CAPACITY 2.0 Litre 2.2 Litre
COLOUR Black Only Black, White
CORD LENGTH 1.0 Meter 0.8 Meter
WEIGHT 5.0 Kg 7.0 Kg
WARRANTY 2 Years 2 Years

What are the Benefits (Pros) of Bajaj Air Fryer

The following are the main pros of Bajaj air fryer

  • The Bajaj Air Fryer is easy to handle and operate especially with the user-friendly operating buttons and knobs being embedded in the system.
  • This air fryer is made to save the energy used based on the fact that they utilise the intelligent cooking system of double fans that focuses on the even distribution of heat.
  • The 2-litre basket allows the user to cook enough food for a small family at a go, saving on cooking time and energy needed.
  • With the oil free system, the company has been able to adopt the safe foods cooking practice encouraged by most health practitioners.
  • Finally, the Bajaj fryer basket partitioning allows users to cook more than one dish at a go.

What are the Disadvantages(Cons) of Bajaj Air Fryer?

The following are some of cons of Bajaj Air Fryer

  • The 2-Litre capacity may be considered small for large families especially when other devices go as high as 3 Litres.
  • The devices may also be considered slower while cooking when you put other devices like the Philips into consideration.

My Final Stand and Insight

I would highly consider and recommend the Bajaj Fryer to anyone out there who is looking for elegance, perfect design and ultimate performance within budget. The prices that come with this air fryer is highly recommendable and it is recommended for a small family consists of 4-5 members.

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The energy saving and oil free cooking advantage is also a plus to anyone seeking a healthy cooking method at a reasonable price.

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