Best Kenstar Air Fryer Reviews India 2018

best Kenstar air fryers in India
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Kenstar is an India manufacturing company that produces different high quality appliances. Recently added to their range of kitchen appliance category is the Kenstar Air fryer. This product enables you to enjoy your fried dishes without any side effects on your health.

This brand is very popular for a large variety of air coolers, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, food processors, mixer, grinders and other kitchen apparatus. Kenstar’s mission statement states that ” To make homes a harbinger of happiness and health by providing advanced world class technology products that meets the global standard”. It is true in case of Kenstar Hot Air Fryer too.

What are the Best Kenstar Air Fryer Models in the Market?

Presently, Kenstar has only one model of air fryer in the Indian market and it is called Kenstar Aster Oxy Fryer. I hope buying a Kenstar oxy fryer is your first step towards oil free cooking which leads you a healthy life.

Kenstar Aster Oxy Fryer 3.0 Litre

Best Kenstar Air Fryer in India

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Kenstar Oxyfryer is a very light, compact, affordable, user friendly and stylish fryer model from the kenstar brand. This fryer is an advanced product which gives you the option of oil less frying. With Oxy Fryer, Kenstar brand makes sure their users eat delicious fried foods while controlling their level of cholesterol on the other hand.

It is a very wonderful product and you can make your delicious meals within a short period of time. The price is also very cheap compared to other fryers with the same functions. The cost of this product will not drain your pocket.

What About Kenstar Air Fryer Review?

There are various positive and negative reviews on Kenstar Air fryer on the internet. But a high percentage of customer reviews of this product are positive. Following is my Kenstar Air Fryer review

A Cute Little Baby of the Home

Sharukh Khan with kenstar air pressure cookerThe very first thing that calls the attention of new buyers is the attractive design of Kenstar Oxy Fryer. If you love nice and contemporary designs, then Kenstar Oxy fryer is good for you. It’s colour is perfect, glossy and rich enough to attract any one who looks at it.

Definitely, this fryer is one of the most attractive of its kind in the market. Its flashy red colour(burgundy) and modern design makes it the point of focus in the kitchen. Within a short time, this fryer assumes the role of the little baby of the house.

Some people might claim that design has nothing to do with buying these kind of products. This can be very wrong. Designs and purchase can be interwoven especially if you are the kind of person who is very particular about the way kitchen appliances and their colours blend together with the kitchen colour itself.

Very Easy to Operate

Kenstar Hot Air Fryer in IndiaThe Kenstar Oxy Fryer is user friendly. It simplifies your cooking experience. The only thing required of you is to open the fryer tray, put the food into it, set the temperature and time for the food to cook and leave the rest to the fryer. This fryer comes with a step by step manual that helps you cook the perfect meal, it is also easy to set up and use. The basket fits into the pan very well which in turn fits into the fryer itself.

The Kenstar Air fryer has two knobs, one for the purpose of setting temperature and the other for controlling time. As soon as you make up your mind on what to cook, all you need to do is to put the required ingredients in the basket and time it. The device starts working and when finish, you will hear a sound that indicates that your food is ready.

Sufficient for A Family of 4-5 Members

Kenstar deep fryer without oilIf you are cooking for more than 4-5 people, then you may need to consider the food capacity. Kenstar Oxygen fryer has a cooking capacity of 3 litres which enables you cook large amount of food easily. It has a large tray inside it. So your favourite meal can be cooked in a large quantity at once.

The capacity of Kenstar Oxy Fryer is much more higher than that of brands like Prestige PAF 2.0, Phillips viva range and pigeon super AF 2.2 which has only 2.2 litres or less cooking capacity. If you are wondering if it makes much difference, of course, it does. You can easily cook for 5 people at once with a 3 litres capacity fryer, this cannot be done with a fryer of 2.2 litre capacity.

What are the Main Features of Kenstar Air Fryer?

The Kenstar Air fryer is an advanced kitchen appliance that gives a delightful cooking experience. The meals cooked with Kenstar Oxy fryer are very delicious. The following are the key features of Kenstar Air fryer

  • FOOD BASKET: Oxy fryer has 3 litres capacity food tray which allows you fry large quantities of food at once.
  • TIMER: Kenstar Air fryer comes with a timer which enables you to set the timer to up to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, it will stop automatically, so your food cannot get; burnt or over cooked. The timer takes care of it.
  • TEMPERATURE SETTINGS : Because each food item has its own required amount of temperature to cook, Kenstar Air fryer comes with a temperature controlling knob that enables you to set the temperature between 80-200 degrees.
  • HIDDEN HANDLE: The Kenstar Oxyfryer has a hidden handle that makes it easy to handle. Once you are done cooking, you just push the handle back into place to make the fryer appear more classy.
  • LED INDICATORS: This fryer has 2 LED indicators configured into it. One is to show that it is on while the other indicates that cooking is in progress.
  • AIR OUTLET VENT: The Air fryer also has a air outlet vent that takes out air from time to time to make sure your food stays fresh and your kitchen does not smell bad.
  • POWER CORD: Its power cord is 1.2 metres long and this enables you to place the fryer anywhere you like in the kitchen.

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Kenstar Air Fryer Vs Philips Airfryer

There are lots of other brands in the Indian market that also boasts of oil free frying. So many people are not quite sure of which product to buy. A comparison that people need more is in between Kenstar Air Fryer and Philips Air Fryer. So I will be comparing Kenstar Aster Oxyfryer and Phillips Viva collection HD 9220 Air fryer. These two fryers can fry food with little or no oil according to your taste.

  • THE COLOUR OF THE AIR FRYER: Kenstar oxy fryer comes in burgundy (Cherry Red) which makes it trendy and stylish. It’s glossy nature makes it appear more classy. Phillip viva HD 9220 Air fryers comes in either black or white. It’s available colours gives it a decent look too.
  • CAPACITY OF THE AIR FRYER: Kenstar oxyfryer has 3 litres cooking capacity while Phillips viva HD 9220’s cooking capacity is just 2.2 litres. This means you can cook more with Kenstar oxy fryer. This is an additional benefit of Kenstar Air fryer.
  • MAXIMUM COOKING TIME: The two fryers have the capacity to fry food for up to 30 minutes. This indicates that most dishes get cooked within that period of time. However, if you want to fry for more than 30 minutes, you can reset the timer again. Repetitive frying has no limit.
  • THE POWER CORD LENGTH: Phillips Viva HD 9220 air fryer has 0.8 meter power cord length which is only good for nearby sockets. If you do not have accessible sockets, you may need to spend money on getting an extension cable. But for Kenstar Oxy fryer, its power cord is 1.2 meter long which is very okay for the typical Indian kitchen.
  • THE WEIGHT OF AIR FRYER: Kenstar oxy fryer weighs only 4.9 kilogram while Phillips Air fryer weighs 7.0 kilograms.
  • TOP HIDDEN HANDLE: Kenstar oxy fryer has a cool feature of a top handle which makes it easy to access. This air fryer can be moved to wherever you want easily. The best thing about it is that it does not affect its design as it is well hidden inside the device.
  • THE WARRANTY: In buying a fryer, warranty is an important thing to be considered. While Kenstar gives a 1 year warranty, Philips provides 2 years warranty on their air fryer models because of technical problems. So Philips earns more points here.

The following table shows you a quick comparison in between Kenstar Oxy Fryer and Philips Viva HD9220 Air Fryer.

Kenstar hot air fryer philips hot air fryer
MODE OF OPERATION Manual Knobs Manual Knobs
CAPACITY 3 Litre 2.2 Litre
COLOUR Burgundy Black, White
CORD LENGTH 1.2 Meter 0.8 Meter
WEIGHT 4.9 Kg 7 Kg
WARRANTY 1 Year 2 Years

What are the Advantages (Pros) of Kenstar Air Fryer?

The following are the main advantage of Kenstar Air Fryer.

  • MULTIPURPOSE: Asides frying food, the Kenstar air fryer can also be used to grill or roast. It simplifies the whole cooking process by making it fast and convenient and faster.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: All parts of Kenstar fryer can be dishwasher. However, you can wash and remove food particles with a soft sponge if there is no dish washer available.
  • SAFE TO USE: It is very safe to use. It has an an auto shut off feature which prevents your food from getting burnt or overcooked. It also has a closed cooking system that prevents oil from splattering so you are not exposed to the risk of oil scalding.
  • FAST AND QUICK: If you are a very busy person, the Kenstar Air fryer will save your time as you can have your chicken fried in minutes. This product is very good for people who are constantly on the move and do not have enough time to cook.

What are the Disadvantages (Cons) of Kenstar Air Fryer?

Apart from the above pros, Kenstar Air fryer also has its own disadvantages which are as follows:

  • SINGLE COLOUR: Aster Oxy fryer is the only air fryer model from Kenstar and it comes in Burgundy Red colour. As stylish as it is, some people like white or black appliances in their kitchen. We can expect more colours in future.
  • ONLY ONE (1) YEAR WARRANTY: It has only 1 year warranty whereas other brands such as Philips give 2 years warranty. This means 2 years of assurance for its users.
  • NO DIGITAL MODEL: Some people prefer an air fryer that can be digitally controlled(as that is what is in Vogue). Kenstar Aster oxy fryer breaks your heart with this. Kenstar Aster Oxy fryer has only mechanical knobs for controlling temperature and setting time.

A Final Thought..

I would advise that you buy the Kenstar Air fryer because this wonderful machine would see to it that you eat fried food without plenty oil. It is widely known that a lot of health issues and diseases are caused because of high intake of cooking oil.

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Kenstar Air fryer fries your food in an economical and healthy way. It can cook different kind of foods without oil. Also, its automatic timer system saves you from the stress of constantly watching the food while cooking.

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sir I want to buy this product but there are apprehensions about this product. After sale service is the main component of sale. One year warranty/guarantee is not sufficient. No new product would create any problem. Problem comes after 6 months or after one year. secondly, there is not separeor in this model. handle is also posing problems locking mechanism is not perfect. I would request you to look into these factors. I also remind you that your after sale service is very poor. I have got two kenstar air coolers costing Rs.9000 and Rs.6500/- respectively. Your after sale service… Read more »